An elaborate body organ useful for urination, gender, and you can breeding

An elaborate body organ useful for urination, gender, and you can breeding

Your penis is a complex additional organ when you look at the boys always urinate as well as sex and you can breeding. They consists of numerous parts, like the shaft, head, and you may foreskin.

This post means the newest anatomy and you may purpose of the penis, along with conditions that could affect case otherwise appearance of the cock from the birth otherwise after in daily life.


The penis reaches the front of human body at the the base of the latest pelvis. The brand new scrotum, with which has the latest testicles, lies near the dick.

  • Glans: The latest glans , otherwise direct of dick, ‘s the sensitive construction after the newest corpus (shaft).
  • Urethra: The fresh urethra is actually a tube during the manhood one runs off the new kidney into the lead of one’s cock. It’s useful for urination. In addition crosses from prostate gland, where a gap, called the ejaculatory duct, gets jizz and you may water that define semen.
  • Meatus: The new meatus is the opening on idea of the glans whereby pee otherwise semen exits the body.
  • Prepuce: The fresh prepuce , or foreskin, are a free bend away from skin which takes care of your face of your penis. Removing new foreskin is referred to as circumcision.
  • Corpus cavernosa: The brand new corpus cavernosa are a couple of articles regarding spongy structure that are running over the indoor shaft of your penis. Whenever filled up with blood, this new architecture stiffen, leading to an erection.
  • Corpus spongiosum: New corpus spongiosum is the 3rd line from cells you to definitely inhibits this new urethra away from closure through the an erection.

Your penis try well-supplied by bloodstream. The axle, which contains the urethra and you will about three articles off erectile structure, is actually covered with a band regarding conjunctive cells called the fascia and you will wrapped in facial skin. The base of your penis try supported by conjunctive structures, called suspensory ligaments, that support the knob nearby the pelvic bones.

There is an extensive type into the knob dimensions, in addition to mediocre delicate («soft») length of a dick try 3.5 ins. The average amount of an erect knob are 6 in, having the typical width of five ins.


An important features of one’s penis are urinary and you will sexual. The fresh new intimate function of your penis can be defined as several stages: erection and climax.


Urination ‘s the launch of pee on human anatomy. This happens whenever pee passes in the bladder from urethra on the meatus. The newest urine is actually pushed from the body by the contraction of your detrusor muscle throughout the wall surface of your own bladder.

Between the manhood therefore the bladder is the additional rectal sphincter muscle, which can be regulated to hang in the or launch pee.


An erection is the stiffening of one’s cock due to intimate stimulation and you may/or bodily stimulation. It can be regular getting erections to occur during sleep and you may upon awakening. A hardon is when there’s a heightened flow of blood to the corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

While in the a hardon, blood vessels providing the erectile buildings commonly dilate (widen), causing the manhood to engorge (fill) with bloodstream. The new engorgement compresses the fresh new blood vessels through which blood usually exits this new dick. So it «traps» the fresh new blood and helps suffer the fresh new hard-on.


Ejaculation ‘s the discharge of semen throughout the system. It certainly is accompanied by an intimate response titled a climax.

  • First, a tube called the vas deferens deals, propelling sperm regarding the testicles into ejaculatory duct.
  • Meanwhile, the brand new prostate gland and you may seminal vesicles contract, incorporating drinks that comprise the amount of sperm.
  • At the same time, rapid contraction regarding human body on the bottom of your cock, named periurethral muscles, push semen outside of the cock.

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