Versus an average Serbian guy, I am felt “wealthy” for only being of The usa

Versus an average Serbian guy, I am felt “wealthy” for only being of The usa

6. They won’t care about money

I don’t notice a girl exactly who sees you to definitely given that an optimistic, but Serbian women do not worry you have a great apartment in the center of town or that you can buy as much coffee and chocolate croissants as you want. In reality, an effective “rich” foreigner is leaner to their scale than simply the common Serbian child. He is not interested in money, and i also very would you like to they were because will have generated living less difficult.

Look at the state with Ukrainian ladies, which analyze all of the soluble fiber of your own dress in addition to square video footage of your own apartment so you’re able to determine the long-name possible. Within value, Serbian people resemble Gloss ladies through providing to pay towards dates without seeming interest in your purse. If you think you will Serbia to show the riches and also have the best people, you are sorely mistaken. It worth your social status even more.

7. They prefer Serbian boys

Serbian women require a good-looking Serbian kid for taking where you can find the parents and have out to their friends. Dating a different son who’s disconnected off their society is actually in reality a display of no worthy of or straight down worthy of on almost every other females in her own public class. Therefore, for people who come across a Serbian girl exactly who doesn’t eg Serbian men, anything is extremely completely wrong along with her. She rejects the girl nation, the girl life, her homeland, her males, and probably the girl Orthodox Religious believe, meaning she is probably a whore whom you will screw rapidly.

In Poland and you will Ukraine, it’s exceptionally popular for women so you can whine regarding their males ahead of banging you, in Serbia I read so pair complaints that i failed to help but ending which they spotted me personally once the that have a lot less well worth than the common Serbian son. One overseas guy I understand whom did a knowledgeable within the Serbia not and that is possess Serbian ancestry.


Serbia the most traditional places I have already been so you can, having solid family relations ties with no cultural strategy away from homosexuality. It may be the brand new healthiest place We have moved feet in whenever you are looking at having children, however, linking which have females does take time. As they manage flake out in the evening, your best option to your a preliminary travel should you want to fornicate is to obtain a slut and enjoy yourself together with her, but you to definitely cancels the actual confident traditional aspect you might need to tackle as with myself. The actual only real service I discover is to try to sit for a while and create genuine public bonds on the residents, since the best method to generally meet an effective “good” Serbian girl is to get put so you can this lady rather than selecting the lady upwards, especially one in her very early twenties who’s not in just about any battle to find married.

Basically wanted to do things securely into the Serbia, and then have an educated I could according to my way more restricted times versus my personal childhood, I’d must invest in life style around to own 6-12 months, create plenty of family members, and you can essentially “become” Serbian. If not, I might simply get the sluts, which are a whole lot more available in other East Europe.


“Thus, if you encounter a beneficial Serbian woman who doesn’t instance Serbian guys, one thing is very incorrect together.” – You to goes for people ethnicity too as well as both guys and you may ladies. I have including encountered an excellent Chinese kid whom said he didn’t day Chinese women – anyone who doesn’t like their individual competition was a yellow banner plus it should be considered determinate away from lower really worth.

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